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qcsi Systems
32242 Robin Ln
Waller, Texas 77484

qcsi Systems can provide you with professional consulting services as well as programming talent in the following areas:

Win32 Programming
Banyan VINES
Novell Netware
Windows NT

Windows 3.1/95 Applications/Utilities
Network design
IntraNet / Internet design, implementation, CGI utilities
Notes design, implementation, programming
MS SQL Server
VC ++ / Borland C++
Delphi / Pascal
Visual BASIC


Info about the company's name change

Below are links to freeware utilities for VINES, Win95, WinNT and DOS.

VINES/Delphi Components

Jim Fralix has recently updated the VINES/Delphi components and asked me to host them for everyone who wants them. (7/31/97)

16-bit VINES/Delphi
  32-bit VINES/Delphi

Programs/utilities for download

All the programs available for download from this page are provided to the public as FreeWare (except where noted). Programs are provided as-is with no warranties and no assurances of suitability of purpose. You are advised to have ready backups available. Programs can be modified or source code provided for a fee.

DOS Utilities

VINES Utilities

Happy Mail Server Time Server Time Update
List Analyser GetUName Server Stat
StreetTalk List Manager WinSend Server Time-To-Local
Group-To-Server STDANames  

Notes Utilities

Win95 Only Utilities

  KillMSN Reboot95  

TSR-Select. qcsi Systems biggest selling utility. It is a DOS-only product, and cannot be used with Windows. This product is Shareware and not crippled. If you are using Windows, you don't need this "program swapper."

Click here to download (225K). TSR-Select

NOTICE: If you are currently using HappyMail with Win95 or WinNT, you are advised to upgrade to the 32-bit version. Browse the Javelina Software site for more information on a downloadable version of the new, 32-bit HappyMail.

HappyMail, a Windows-based Banyan VINES e-mail client. This is (16-bit) version 1.19n, and contains the fix that allows e-mail messages greater than 6K. HappyMail was written by David Ritchie, who no longer supports the 16-bit version. My modifications were performed for a company I used to work for, and are now provided -- also unsupported -- to the public. This version should also work for Win95 users as well as VINES 7 users.

Click here to download (920K). HappyMail

If you already have a version of HappyMail up and running, and only need the latest executable (version 1.19n of HMAIL.EXE), you can download it here at only 216K: HMAILEXE.ZIP.

The original source code to happy mail can be found at ftp://ftp.csus.edu/pub/banyan/src/ as hmcode.zip.
If you're at all interested in the (long, boring) history of the changes I've made to HappyMail, and how they came about, here it is.

Server Time. SvrTime will scan your network for all servers and report back the time each one THINKS it is... A handy way of making sure all servers are time synched. You can also select specific servers. Updated to version 1.3 on 7/18/96.

Click here to download (115K). SVRTIME

Server Time Update. SvrTimUp will check one or more specified VINES servers' times' against a master server or local PC's time. If any of the servers is out of sync more than a specified number of minutes, then a specified server is updated with the master server/local PC time. This specified server should be the "upstream" server to all the servers that are being checked against, so that it will propagate the time change to all the other servers. This utililty, in a way, mimics the TimeOut processes that is built into VINES, but will let a source other than a single server (for example, a local PC) in essense become the master 'keeper of the time.' (Yeah, I know, it doesn't make much sense unless you already know what I'm talking about.) Updated to version 1.12 on 4/11/97. [This version has a known problem with time changes past midnight.]

Click here to download (160K). SVRTIMUP

ListAnlz (StreetTalk List Analyzer) is a VINES/Windows utility which enumerates StreetTalk lists based on a pattern, then checks to see if the list name is valid or if the list is empty, then checks each member of the list for validity. After the process completes, there are buttons that can easily remove individuals or all invalid user names. Shareware. Updated to version 1.2 on 4/3/97.

Click here to download (135K), ListAnlz

The sample program GETUNAME (a Delphi/VINES program) which was used to demonstrate the ease at which a VINES program could be written with Delphi. From the May/Jun 1996 issue of Enterprise Networking magazine.

Click here to download (6K). GetUName

SvrStat is a VINES/Windows utility which will report 6 vital statistics from a selected server: Local PC time, free process memory, 1 minute load average, message average, CPU percent idle, and the server time. Versions 1.03 and later have a crude graphics view of the statistics, making it a bit easier to notice trends. This program is freeware. Updated to version 1.04 on 10/2/96

Click here to download (135K), SvrStat
(Warning: This version requires the Borland Database Engine, as well as the Chart2FX.VBX and BIVBX11.DLL files; if you don't have them, you can download them now (151K) : Chart2FX.ZIP. After you unzip it, put them in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory. If you don't have the BDE, then please e-mail me and I can e-mail it to you, but it is about 1.5 Mb. Although it's "expensive" in disk space and download time, it's also free, so that's the route I decided to take on this one.)

STLMgr (StreetTalk List Manager) is a VINES/Windows utility which provides an easy method of querying StreetTalk lists for a users name based on a list mask (wildcard). STLMgr also allows you to add a user, delete a user, add a user if a specified user is a member of a list, delete a user if a specified user is a member of a list, and replace a specified user with another user if the specified user is a member of the list. Updated to version 1.3 on 7/23/96.

Click here to download (118K), STLMgr

WinSend (VINES Windows Send command) is a VINES/Windows utility which replaces the Z: drive copy of WINSEND. This version provides STDA lookup, and pre-pends the senders name on to the message so the recipient knows who sent the message. An optional 2-line send will first send a message saying who the next message is from, then send the message. This version will also notify the sender if the user is not currently logged in. Updated to version 1.7 on 8/1/96.

Click here to download (112K), WinSend

Notes Unread Count (N_UNREAD) is a Notes utility which provides for the user a method of reporting the number of unread Notes mail messages without having to have Notes loaded in memory. 32-bit only, requiring Notes 4.x or above. Version 1.0 on 10/8/96.

Click here to download (112K), N_Unread

Screen Saver Control (SSCTRL) is a Win95-only utility which places an icon in the Tray on the TaskBar that, when clicked, will instantly activate your screen saver. Placing your cursor into the top-left-hand corner will also activate the screen saver. Right-clicking on the tray icon will present a menu that will also allow you to deactivate the screen saver. Version 1.1 on 10/21/96.

Click here to download (103K), SSCTRL

SvrTimeToLocal (STTL) is a Vines 32-bit-only utility which provides a method of updating the local PC based on the date/time setting of a server. This utility was written primarily for NT workstations which, when logging into VINES, are not automatically synchronized with the server. This utility works from the command line (which means you can have it run from PostLogin) or it can be run interactively. Version 1.0 on 10/14/96.

Click here to download (123K), STTL

VINES Group-to-Server (GRP2SVR) is a Vines utility which is a nice-to-have tool for administrators. How many times have you come across a user having problems, and you wondered what server they are on? This program will answer that quickly. The first time you run it, all Orgs are enumerated, then all groups, then all the servers for each group are identified. This information is then stored on the local disk. Next time you run the program, it uses the stored information, so it's instantaneous. Every week or so, you can easily update the list. GRP2SVR will also show the number of groups on a server (left double-click) and the number of services on a server (right-click). Freeware. Version 1.1 uploaded on 4/15/96.

Click here to download (105K), Grp2Svr

VINES STDA Names (STDANAME) is a Vines utility which is will "dump" all of STDA to a text file. You can select the STDA service or simply have the default service chosen for you. Version 1.4 uploaded on 4/3/97.

Click here to download (105K), STDAName

KillMSN (Removes MSN and Inbox from Win95 Desktop). This utility works ONLY with Windows95. It provides you with a method of removing (or adding back) the Microsoft Network and Inbox icons from the desktop. There is also a command-line method provided for use in auto-setup routines. Originally written for a tech support group that installs Win95 on many, many machines. There are no instructions in the ZIP file, but it's pretty straight-forward. Note: After you use KillMSN to remove or add the icons, you must restart Win95 to see the result. Freeware. Version 1.0 uploaded on 11/5/97.

Click here to download (115K), KillMSN

NetUse. This utility works ONLY with Windows95. Typically used in a DOS Batch program, it provides you with a method of connecting to a UNC drive, then returning a random drive letter for use by remaining commands in the batch file. Freeware. Version 1.2 uploaded on 8/13/98.

Click here to download (105K), NetUse

Reboot95. This utility works ONLY with Windows95. Typically used in a DOS Batch program, it provides you with a method of rebooting the PC no matter what is going on. If there is a diskette in drive A:, a dialog box will ask the user to remove the disk. Freeware. Version 1.0 uploaded on 9/4/98.

Click here to download (105K), Reboot95

UMName. This utility works with Windows95 and WindowsNT4. Typically used in a DOS Batch program or within the login script, UMName will retrieve the users login name and also the machine name, then post it to a text file on the users hard drive. A date/time stamp precedes this information. This gives you a history of who logged into the machine and when. Freeware. Version 1.0 uploaded on 9/4/98.

Click here to download (105K), UMName

For more free VINES utilities, check out Dick Lee's page at http://www.magi.com/~dickl/banyan.html.