Laird Family Association

"I just lost 60 messages. How do I get them back from the Laird-L list?"

When this happens, you can retrieve anything sent by anyone to the Laird list by using the following
procedure. (This will work for any Rootsweb list by substituting the proper list name.)

First, point your browser to the following URL:

enter laird as name of list to search

to search the archives for a particular day, i.e., Friday, March 26, enter the following in the box as your
search target, making sure to enclose it in the double quotation marks:

"26 Mar 1999"

That will return all the posts for that given day. If you don't enclose the day in quotation marks, it will
return a lot of posts you're not looking for.

It's self-explanatory, once you get to the page where you enter your search string. You can base your search on anything in the body of the e-mail; names, places, etc., and search prior years' archives by checking which one you want to search. You can only search in one year at a time.

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