Laird Family Association

1850 Census -- Mississippi -- Harrison County
[No Twp Listed = No township listed in the census]
This information was transcribed by Patricia Laird Howard, June 1999

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 M432, Roll 372, Harrison County, Mississippi.

30 August 1850, Lewis Fournigeset, asst. Marshall.

Page 89B No Twp Listed.

195 195 R. J. Laird, age 40, male, Blacksmith, $2,000, GA.

Liney, age 30, female, South Carolina.

Kevin, age 16, female, Miss.

Erasmus, age 14, male, Miss, attending school.

John, age 11, male, Miss, attending school.

George, age 9, male, Miss.

Julia, age 8/12, female, Miss.

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