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1850 Census -- Alabama -- Clarke County
[No Twp Listed = No township listed in the census]
This information was transcribed by Patricia Laird Howard, June 1999

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M432, Roll 3, Clarke County, Alabama.
4 December 1850, John A. Coats, Asst. Marshall.
Page 261B. No Twp., listed.
846-846 Elizabeth Johnson, age 70, female, NC., cannot read or write.

Elizabeth, age 30, female, Ala.
John, age 22, male, Farmer, Ala.
Joseph, age 20, male, Farmer, Ala., cannot read or write.
Eliza Olliver, age 40, female, Ala., cannot read or write.
Letty, age 18, female, Ala.
Betty Johnson, age 15, female, Ala.
Jackson Lane, age 25, male, Farmer, Ala., cannot read or write.
(Jackson is listed as Lard on the census index, but the surname
appears to be Lane. The next household #847 847, for Harriet
Lane lists a child named Jackson Lane. PLH)

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